I found your calmness
and kindness in
guiding me through
my own Forest VERY
The clarity is just
so cool.
Other people really
notice the difference
in the way I operate.
I am really growing
in the role.
Understanding and
reiterating to
ourselves the value
of what we do gives
us fantastic freedom
to deliver a great
product to the client.
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Clients work
with us for a number
of key reasons:
Time and
resources freed up
to focus on important
The removal
of complexity, day-
to-day headaches
and barriers
to action
To regain
the passion!

Our clients

Through The Forest works with many businesses who either work in a creative industry, or consider themselves to be creative in their field, including:
A creative entrepreneur
Having spotted a niche market in luxury goods, this action-oriented individual is working with us to ensure his vision is sharply defined and the routes to get there are clear and exciting, as he takes the next big step in his business.
A high-tech innovator
Having worked with the owner/inventor over a period of time, we are now rolling out a coaching-culture within the organization to ensure that both the senior management and project teams have full buy-in to the company’s ambitious and achievable goals, and that each member of the team is fully supported in making maximum use of their strengths.
Design consultancy
A highly creative, award-winning design consultancy, which has remained at the top of its game for over 20 years, works with us to ensure they focus on the most exciting and satisfying ways to continue to innovate and communicate in this fast-changing industry.
The owner of a film production company
With massive experience and talent for discovering and developing world-class directors, and a rapidly changing industry, they have redefined what they want to achieve in business, and are now defining new and innovative directions which harness all of their skills and energies honed in over 20 years of market-leader positioning.
Art dealer
A highly specialist art dealer, having identified his own strengths, works with us to ensure his team are efficient, motivated and supported, allowing him time to spend doing the things he is best at and that makes the business money.
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