Explore the issues
important to you – what
do you want most?
You provide the context, the challenges and the aspirations. We will follow a process which identifies the big goals in your business, and how these impact on you and those around you.
Build in
stepping stones
Key to achieving ambitious goals is the planning and breakdown of tasks into manageable chunks that makes the journey realistic and enjoyable!
Ensure a crystal-clear
long-term vision
Synergy between your values and goals will ensure that the decisions and communications you make are congruent and have integrity. Clear goals also mean your thoughts, conversations and actions have clarity of purpose, creativity and resolve.
Clear the path
of obstructions
and barriers
The process will tease out the hidden obstacles where you may be sabotaging your success. You will learn how to address these and either blast them out of the water or learn to manage, delegate or free yourself from them.
Stay on track,
adjusting the path
as necessary
Mentor-Coaching also provides the support, facilitation and accountability you need to move accurately and speedily towards your success.
Celebrate your
No classic British reserve here! Life is to be embraced and we believe passionately there is not enough joy in business. Learn to love your success and you may find that you develop quite a taste for it.
Mentor-Coach Packages start with 6 one-to-one sessions over 3 months. Goals are agreed and progress reviewed every 6th session to ensure results are in line or exceed your expectations. Content is tailored to your specific agenda.
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How we do it

The Mentor-Coach Programme celebrates you and your unique situation. What matters is that you get the support that you need to achieve the things that are critical to you. The Through The Forest team work with your agenda, within a process that is robust and highly flexible, and balanced with the experience and instincts developed from running businesses for over 20 years.
Regular 1:1 meetings and/or telephone conferences take place, and we need your commitment to action a few agreed tasks between sessions. The nature and length of the relationship will depend on whether you see things as a pace-making run along a clear path, or a shoulder-to-shoulder expedition to find the best way through a dense forest. Lasting change takes time and effort, and we will normally spend between three months and a year or more working with each client.
For an explorative discussion to find out what Mentor-Coaching can do for you, please call 0207 143 0651 or