I see Liz as a ‘cut-
through-the-BS Mentor-Coach’, but in a very kind, supportive way.
For me you have laser
beam insight, able to ask
just the right question at
the right moment to
create a shift.
Honest, straight talking,
professional and on
my side.
Liz makes people feel
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Serial Entrepreneur
Brand Consultancy
Day Nurseries
Designer Sportswear
Highly competitive
Action oriented
Aiming for balance and
sometimes succeeding
Being creative
Excited children
Playing piano
Long walks in the woods
Tries to avoid
‘By the book’ process
Too much TV
Washing up

About us

“If you are going to work with a mentor they should know what they are doing, and will have a proven track record”.
Running my own business is simply something I had to do. I started out the easy way – building expertise in large companies before running a business for someone else. This involved learning the ropes with accountability but not the ultimate responsibility.
There came a time when the natural next step was to do it for myself. I set up a brand design consultancy with a creative partner. We built a clear, niche business proposition and proceeded to win business from national and international companies creating, designing and re-launching consumer brands. We travelled much of Europe, built a team, won awards, and most critically; provided inspiring and practical solutions for our clients’ businesses.
However, I was still looking for a challenge – something new, different, and better than the rest. I launched a day-nursery company, set up to look after the childcare needs of professional working parents in Central London. From knowing nothing about the sector, and with a very limited budget, we developed the business to 5 thriving nurseries, employing over 60 staff and turning in excess of £2m per annum. Our passion for quality and the customer service we delivered attracted one of the top US operators, who made us an offer for the business we couldn’t refuse.
At the same time as this I also had 3 children of my own – so time management became critically important for both my family and my sanity!
I’ve now completely the full business cycle with both companies, selling one and structuring a management buy-in with the other. For the last three years I have been studying and putting into context some of the theory behind what entrepreneurs do almost without thinking. I have few regrets about my business life, but I know I could have worked smarter, faster and far more effectively had I used a coach or mentor to focus my effort.
I have now trained and qualified as a performance coach, studied NLP, and recognise that every individual is resourceful and naturally creative. I firmly believe that if you have the desire to achieve, you can make it happen. Change can happen to any person that really wants it. I can help you get there faster, and with a smoother or straighter path than if you worked by yourself. My Clients experience shifts in their attitudes and take action. Some changes have been transformative. This results in success for you and a massive hit of satisfaction for me.
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