I can only describe
the empowerment as
‘being able to see
around corners’.
Maybe we were just
straightening the
path... Either way,
I can see so much
more now. Fantastic!
Patrick Moufarrige
MD StudioTequila
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You have a vision,
a great idea that has big
potential. You have the determination
to see it though. There are just so
many things to do you don’t
know where to start...
Your business has
satisfied clients. However,
it’s not quite where you want
things to be. You could do with
an accelerator pedal and
an enhanced roadmap...
You’re really good at what
you do. Your success proves it.
You know you need to plan for the
next step and even that legacy.
Letting go of your baby takes
courage and new thinking.

Create a faster path to business success

Mentor-Coaching for creative businesses

Small company owners and managers have massive potential and a huge workload. With many opportunities and choices, decisions need to be made without procrastination.
If you could see clearly where you are heading, and stride out confident in the knowledge you are doing what is good for you and your business, and you don’t hear the niggling voice in your head putting hurdles, distractions or doubts in your way, what would this mean to you?
Through The Forest’s Mentor-Coach Programme establishes a clear attainable vision for your business and you; uncovers the hidden challenges which may be sabotaging your success, and leaves you inspired, renewed and re-energised.
So how does your life look when:
green bulletyou have clarity in your choices
green bulletyou feel resourceful and creative
green bulletyou hear yourself talking and thinking more confidently
green bulletyou have a crystal clear vision and the drive to succeed
green bulletyou are motivated and excited
Through The Forest provides wholehearted support and inspiration, combined with an experienced business perspective to guide you to your goals. The Mentor-Coach programme can deliver practical and emotional value – personal and business – with commitment to a small, concentrated outlay of time and effort.
It can be lonely at the top. Moving forward with Through The Forest is so much easier! More about our programmes